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1310 Arch StPittsburghPennsylvania 15212, United States
Northside Oldtimers are a group of survivors made up of men and women from the various Northside neighborhoods who have come together to give back to the communities of their misspent youths.

The Northside Oldtimers primary purpose is to foster and promote peace, unity and harmony among the children of all Northside neighborhoods, in particular, as well as the city in general.

The aim of the Northside Oldtimers is to reach out to children that are the most susceptible to change. Our aim is to effectuate positive change with as much interaction as we can promote with the children in our 19 Northside neighborhoods, in particular, and all children in general.

With eyes opened we have selected the group between kindergarten and eighth grades as the most susceptible to positive change. Our efforts are directed at this group through a series of activities designed to foster and promote friendships and alliances with like peers in other Northside neighborhoods hoping to diminish the violence that divides our community today. Our goal of reducing violence and division through positive interactions will be achieved with every activity that we produce for children to participate in.



Our Mission: to coordinate with parents, youth, schools, the local city, county, state and federal governments, religious institutions and organizations in our efforts to reduce the violence plaguing our communities by providing a safe, educational, recreational and nurturing environment for children and adults​.
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We provide afterschool programs with other organizations that we partner with that take participants from many different parts of the Northside. We have a skating program that thousands of children have participated in, we also do several annual events such as Northside Oldtimers Unity Day that draws thousands of Northside residents to West park for 2 days of peace, love and unity enjoyed by all residents in the 19 neighborhoods that make up the Northside as well as other city residents. Another annual events are the Reggie Ward NFL Football Hall of Fame trip that 150 children and at least 75 adults acting as chaperones participate in the Friday following Thanksgiving. Partnering with PCSI, Pittsburgh Community Services Inc., Northside Oldtimers, Inc. has reached out to various community and senior centers to provide a ham and all the trimmings for Christmas and Easter dinner. 


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The Northside Oldtimers, Inc., is a certified 501(c) (3) organization located in the Northside of Pittsburgh who serves underprivileged children in grades K thru 8.

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