June 20, 2016 North Side Oldtimers take kids to visit White House, D.C. attractions

The North Side Oldtimers have been working hard for the last five years to take the children in their organization to see the White House, he said. The group has been holding various fundraisers including bake sales to raise the money needed make the trek to Washington, D.C.

Thanks to the oldtimers’ hard work and substantial contributions from the Buhl Foundation and One North Side initiative, the trip finally became a reality this year.

“We are very thankful to One North Side and the Buhl Foundation for their monetary contribution, which helped make our trip a success,” Bulls said.

One North Side is a community-driven engagement initiative that is building relationships with existing community organizations within the North Side and existing resource providers to meet the neighborhoods’ needs. The Buhl Foundation is the catalyst for the group’s work.

According to Ginger Underwood-Herring, one of the co-leads of the Parent Support and Engagement team for One North Side, when they learned about the trip, Herring knew her organization had to step in and help.

“The trip was intended to bridge a bridge building, relationship building trip for the kids from the different North Side neighborhoods to get to know each other,” said Underwood. “Two of the kids that went on the trip and were roommates became friends on that trip and that’s what it was all about. The trip was indeed a success and we’re going to try and do it again next year.”

In addition to the White House, the group also saw the Supreme Court, space museum, the Jefferson, Martin Luther King and Lincoln Memorials, and Capitol Hill.

“It was a very educational and informative trip,” said Johnson’s mother Michel Gardner, 40. “We were happy and excited that the North Side Oldtimers raised the money for the trip. I love what the North Side Oldtimers do with and for young children.”

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